Children’s Mission Camp

July 22 – 25, 2019


Children’s Mission Camp is Sold Out!


Early Bird: $145

Regular (after May 20): $160

*Lee Lodge Hotel is no longer available.


Children who have completed 1st through 6th grade


3 night stay, 9 meals (lunch Monday through breakfast Thursday), Bible study by grade, missionary time, indoor and outdoor rec, high ropes course (5th and 6th graders only), Worship!

Online Registration

-Camp prices/deposits/policies click here

STEP 1: Church leaders click here to fill out your group information and numbers to reserve for camp: Children’s Mission Camp Hold Form

STEP 2: Send in a deposit after the form is submitted to hold your place for Children’s Mission Camp. Deposit is $50 per person, non-refundable, by check or credit card.

STEP 3: Once we create an online account for your church, you will be directed to the buttons below to finish your remaining registration forms online.

Do NOT click the links below to create an account and register until you have been given a Group Hold Code from your church leader.

Click the BLUE button to register your personal information and complete forms if you are attending camp. (Parent of camper, adult chaperone, or church contact)
RETURNERS:  You must use your login from previous years to access saved forms. There will be an option for help if you forgot your login.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Click the ORANGE button if you are the main church contact. You can keep track of your participants once they have registered. 

Camp at a Glance – Children’s Mission Camp

Children’s Mission Camp is a fun filled, non-stop camp experience focused on bringing your kids closer to Christ while simultaneously growing them as young men and women. What used to be two separate camps, have now combined to become one! RA Camp and Girl’s Mission Camp decided in 2018 to come together and combine their efforts with the same mission in mind; sharing Christ with everyone you meet and focusing specifically on foreign mission opportunities. This camp also brings in foreign missionaries to talk to and teach your kids about what it actually means to be a missionary.  You don’t have to be in an RA or GA program at your church to come to this camp. Children’s Mission Camp is open to boys and girls from all over who wish to further their knowledge of missions while simultaneously having an absolute blast at camp!

If you would like any further information in regards to what your boys and girls would be doing at camp, contact Jess Archer ((318) 623-2229) for all your girl questions and Kelly Tam ((318)449-4280) for all your boy questions!

Contact the Tall Timbers Office ((318) 445-6797) for any questions you may have about registration.

Attention Leaders!

Starting in 2018 ALL churches at camp are required to show proof of background screenings for their adult chaperones 18 years of age and older. The church contact may use the following form to list names of those adults and have a church representative sign to show that these adults have been screened through their church. If your church does not currently have record of background checks for your adults on file, there are resources listed on the form to guide you.

Statement of Compliance