By offering a variety of programs, we strive to support your goals while you are here at Tall Timbers. We understand you could have chosen to go anywhere, but you have chosen to trust us with your stay.  We work with your group to design games and activities that complement the goals and themes for your retreat. Our desire is to offer fresh new ways where you as an individual and group can reflect and grow spiritually, corporately, and individually. We can also design any other out-of-the-box activity that we do not specifically offer. Our recreation team has created scavenger hunts, geocaching, and other things to support a group’s theme. Call our office to set up a day activity, to add these activities to your retreat schedule, or to find out about pricing.

General Recreation

From swimming to soccer we have you covered. Whether you want to hang out by the lake, play a quick game of basketball, or go on one of our walking trails, there are many recreation opportunities at Tall Timbers. To see what we offer for general recreation, visit the General Recreation page.

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Staff-led Recreation

These are activities led by our staff to enhance your programs at Tall Timbers. Whether we are using teambuilding activities, or leading group games like bazooka ball, our goal is to create activities unique to your experience.

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