Problem solving, teamwork, communication, and learning how to set and work towards goals are at the heart of our low rope elements. These elements are often structures that are one foot or less off of the ground. They force a group to work through situations that challenge them mentally and physically to reach certain goals.

Low Ropes works best in small groups of 25 or less. We can accommodate larger numbers but we would split up your group into smaller parts. We have created a low ropes curriculum for school groups, sports teams, church staff or youth groups, and college organizations. If you are interested in these kinds of teambuilding activities for your group, call us to secure a date and we will design a program tailor-made for you!

Talk with us about details concerning your group size, type of group, group goals, and how much time should be allotted for your group.

Questions? Call our office at 318.445.6797 or email

For participation in Low Ropes or High Ropes, participants must sign and complete an Assumption of Risk form and a general health form. You can download these forms here.