The high ropes course focuses on individual skill and challenge. An individual is often challenged to face their fears and learn to trust. Our high ropes course is built on poles about 30 feet in the air. All participants are supported with harnesses, safety ropes and helmets at all times. A trained and certified head facilitator leads our workers, and they are on hand to help participants through the course safely. Groups may choose to climb either the Rock Wall side or the Cargo Net side of the course. Rock Wall elements include climbing the rock wall, the walk bridge, Raider bridge, and ends with the zipline. The Cargo Net side elements include climbing up the cargo net, and then traversing the Two-Line Bridge, Parallel Logs, Swinging Log, Painter’s Plank, and it ends with the zipline.

Talk with us about details concerning your group size, type of group, group goals, and how much time should be allotted for your group.

For participation in Low Ropes or High Ropes, participants must sign and complete an Assumption of Risk form and a general health form. You can download these forms here.

Questions? Call our office at 318.445.6797 or email

Rock wall side:

includes a climb up the Rock Wall, Walk Bridge, Raider Bridge, and ending at the Zipline.

Rock Wall

Walk Bridge

 Raider Bridge