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Breakaway Camps
Bazooka Ball (Group Activity)


Breakaway Camps
Archery Tag (Group Activity)


Buy 1 ticket for a group reservation for up to 40 people for a 30 minute period.

Bazooka Ball is a fast-paced game where players shoot nerf-type balls at each other. 2 teams of about eight versus eight people play quick rounds shooting out the other team, and new teams trade out as teams lose, so that everyone has a chance to participate!

Buy 1 ticket for a group reservation for up to 30 people for a 30 minute period.

Archery Tag is exactly what it sounds like: a dodgeball-type game where teams must shoot a bow and arrow at the opposing team! The arrows have a large soft foam tip (like a marshmallow) and all participants wear face masks so it is safe to play! 2 teams of play rounds and teams rotate in and out so that everyone has a chance to participate. You definitely want to try this awesome game!

Breakaway Camps
Paddle Boards (Group Activity)


Buy 1 ticket for a group reservation to use our 12 Paddle Boards for a 30 minute period.

A stand-up paddle board is a large board, similar to a surfboard, that you stand atop and maneuver using a paddle. Paddle boarding has taken off in recent years as popular form of water-based recreation.

Breakaway Camps
Ropes Course- $5 per individual, per element

We have a new opportunity for your students to participate in our ropes course! Tickets can be purchased at camp in the Hub for $5. Your students will be able to do the ropes course during their free time, so don’t miss out! Includes rock wall, the flying squirrel, and power pole.

How to reserve an activity:

Fill out the form below that gives us your church information, group size, and what activity you want to book for your week of camp. You can pay here by credit card or choose to pay along with your camp balance on the first day of camp check in.