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Breakaway Camps
Bazooka Ball (Group Activity)


Breakaway Camps
Paddle Boards (Group Activity)


Buy 1 ticket for a group reservation for up to 40 people for a 30 minute period.

Bazooka Ball is a fast-paced game where players shoot nerf-type balls at each other. 2 teams of about eight versus eight people play quick rounds shooting out the other team, and new teams trade out as teams lose, so that everyone has a chance to participate!

Buy 1 ticket for a group reservation to use our 12 Paddle Boards for a 30 minute period.

A stand-up paddle board is a large board, similar to a surfboard, that you stand atop and maneuver using a paddle. Paddle boarding has taken off in recent years as popular form of water-based recreation.

Breakaway Camps
Ropes Course- $5 per individual, per element

We have a new opportunity for your students to participate in our ropes course! Tickets can be purchased at camp in the Hub for $5. Your students will be able to do the ropes course during their free time, so don’t miss out! Includes rock wall, the flying squirrel, and power pole.